Tips to Stop Your Car from Overheating in the Illinois Heat

The state of Illinois is a wonderful place to live, with four beautiful seasons and a wealth of activities for the whole family. But when the summer heat really gets going, the temperatures can rise pretty quickly. Hundred degree days are not unusual here, and there have been extended periods of 90 degree and even triple-digit temperatures.

As an Illinois resident, you know how uncomfortable the summer heat can be for you and your family, but what about your car? Your car is just as susceptible to the summer heat, and allowing it to overheat could damage its engine and leave you with a big repair bill. So as the temperatures start to rise, it is time to think about your car. Here are some summer tips to stop your car from overheating.

Flush Out Your Coolant Tank

When was the last time you changed your coolant? If you cannot remember, chances are you are long overdue for this important pre-season service.

Over time, the coolant in your tank starts to lose its ability to keep your engine protected. Flushing the old coolant and replacing it now can keep your engine protected from the summer heat all season long.

Avoid Excessive Idling

It might be pleasant to sit in your car with the air conditioning running, but excessive idling could cause your vehicle to overheat and leave your engine vulnerable to overheating.

If you are going to be parked for more than a minute or two, turn your car off and roll down the windows. You might get a little hot in the Illinois sun, but at least your car will not overheat.

Get in and Go

In the old days, warming up your car was an absolute necessity. Those old inefficient engines needed an extended warm-up period, but modern engines do not require this at all.

So feel free to just get in and go. Warming up your car can actually do more harm than good, especially on those hot Illinois summer days. Keep a close watch on the heat gauge as you drive – if it starts to tip into the red, it is time to pull off the road and let it cool down.

An overheating car is more than a mere inconvenience. If you let your car get too hot, you are doing damage to the engine with every mile you drive. If you do notice your vehicle running too hot, pull over immediately and call a tow truck – your engine will thank you.

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