Why You Should Always Buy A Used Car Warranty

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After the expiration of your dealer’s warranty, you may still be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This peace of mind is invaluable. If you have a mechanical issue with any of your systems, you simply take your car into the dealer or trusted repair shop and your issue is covered and fixed. You may pay a minimal amount based on your contract. The real savings is when this happens multiple times. Then you know that you can see real dollars being saved. Here are some more top reasons why you should always purchase a used car warranty.


When you buy a used car warranty you already know where to go to get the repairs that you need done. There is no need to search around and get prices that may be outrageous. You have experience with the location that you has already serviced you and you can have peace of mind that knowing exactly how you will be treated and serviced. We also know that time is money. Come to your trusted repair shop, Doc Motor Works every time in Sherwood, Illinois.


The relationship between the warranty company and the repair shops are usually such that they work together and bring each other business. If the repair shop is mishandling the warranty companies’ clients then it will be a negative reflection of each other. Conversely, if the repair shop does an excellent job, then the warranty company will send future business. Oftentimes, the volume of business received by this company will create a priority service to you.


Warranties that are sponsored by the auto manufacturer is usually a great idea. I would have second thoughts if it were merely a small auto repair shop in a small town. However, if you are permitted to go to your trusted repair shop. That scenario is even more valuable. However, manufacturers receive great benefits in the long run when their clients are happy. They will have return buyers and the word of mouth about how long lasting the car is and how great the warranty will generate new and repeat customers every time. Further, the manufacturers parts are superior to aftermarket parts. Additionally, they know the car better and you will have less repeat issue than at a shop that is unfamiliar with your car’s make and are not specialist. Especially, in these days when car manufacturing is more complex and technological, find a shop that your trust. Here at Doc Motor Works, we are ready with our great service technicians to assist you with all your car care needs.

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