4 Tips to Get Your Car Winter Ready

With cold winter weather on its way, there are a few car-related challenges that every driver should be aware of. Whether it’s a dead battery or slipping tires, these simple items should be on your list when it comes to good vehicle care. Before Old Man Winter visits, check out these four helpful tips that will ensure your car is completely winter-ready.

Test Your Battery

The hot summer temperatures can do a number on your battery. If you haven’t paid much attention to your battery, you will likely notice a change as soon as winter strikes. When temperatures start to drop, the chemicals in your battery will have a difficult time keeping up with your needs. Check the strength of your battery before it gets too cold and see if you need a recharge. You can get your battery tested at most auto parts stores or your local mechanic for free or for a small fee. The peace of mind is worth the time and effort.

Check Your Tires

The last thing you want to deal with is a blowout or a skidding car when the temperatures drop. The tread on your tires needs to be deep enough to handle cold-weather driving, particularly if you’re dealing with snow and ice. You should replace worn-out tires as soon as possible since it can be a serious risk to your safety. Any tire with half of its original tread depth or less remaining should be replaced ASAP. If you drive over a wet or icy surface, the worn-out tread cannot handle the slick road and could cause you to skid.

Test Your Oil

During the winter season, the motor oil in your car tends to thicken which can cause it to flow through the engine at a much slower rate. And, since it’s cold outside, your oil needs to be in perfect condition to keep your engine running smoothly. Consult your mechanic and find out if you should upgrade your oil to a better version recommended for use in winter. Motor oil like 5W30 is made to perform optimally at frigid temps.

Swap Your Wiper Blades

When the weather gets cold, ice and snow can really impede your ability to see out of the windshield. This is the time to consider switching your wiper blades to a special version created just for winter driving. These windshield wipers can help to prevent ice from collecting on the surface, which can get in the way of a clear view. The cost to change out wiper blades is minimal, and it’s definitely worth it to have safety and peace of mind.

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