Doc Motor Works Giving Back to the Community

giving-back-to-the-communityBusinesses do more than make money and create jobs in their communities. The best businesses are just as concerned about giving back to the communities where they operate, and Doc Motor Works is a perfect example of corporate philanthropy in action.

Doc Motor Works recently demonstrated the community spirit that has made the business a Shorewood institution. By taking part in Family Service Day – Keeping Cars Kickin’, Doc Motor Works showed just how much they appreciate the Shorewood community, and residents came from far and wide to enjoy the festivities.

Teaching Automotive Maintenance to Those in Need

The Keeping Cars Kickin’ event is a national program, one that is designed to help area businesses share their expertise while giving back to the communities where they operate. During the event, the folks at Doc Motor Works doled out general advice on automotive maintenance and expert education on car care, all at no charge to the families who packed into the Shorewood area event.

Each of the families attending the event were preselected, and each was referred by one of several area churches, including the Shorewood Church of God, the Community Christian Church CCC in Plainfield and the Three Rivers Church.

The Power of Giving Back

Scott Wisneski, the owner of Doc Motor Works, feels strongly about these community partnerships, and he is always happy to share his expertise with those who can benefit. Scott recognizes his unique position in the community, and his ability to make a real difference in the lives of families in need. By donating their facilities and automotive expertise, Doc Motor Works is able to give back to the community and help needy families keep their vehicles in good working order.

Proper automotive maintenance is critical for families at the lower end of the income spectrum, men and women who rely on their vehicles to keep a job, drive the kids around and maintain a quality lifestyle. By teaching those families how to care for their vehicles, Doc Motor Works is providing a service that will have ripple effects throughout the community.

A History of Community Involvement

This is not the first time, or the only time, the team at Doc Motor Works has given back to the community. Doc Motor Works, The Shorewood auto repair facility, also took part in “Single Mom Saturday”, an event designed to improve the lives of single parents throughout the Shorewood community.

Hosted by local radio station WBGL, Single Mom Saturday was a rousing success, and Doc Motor Works was proud to play a small part in that success. Giving back to the community has always been a priority for the team, and you can expect to see him, and his proud employees, at future events.