How To Keep Car Windows From Fogging Up

With freezing precipitation and hazardous road conditions, chilly winter months can be downright dangerous for drivers. Even when snow and ice don’t muck up the roads, foggy windows can impair your vision, making driving tricky, at best. This unfortunate scenario happens because warm, moist air inside the car forms condensation on cold windows, creating fog. Modern vehicles are especially at risk since their tight seals (which block outside noise and drafts) keep moisture trapped inside the cabin.

Luckily, remedying this problem is fairly simple. Keep reading to learn a few tricks for maintaining a clear windshield.

Flip On the A/C

Your vehicle’s air conditioner has other uses besides keeping you cool in balmy weather. When windows start to fog, turn the A/C to a comfortable, neutral temperature. Using it this way dries out the air inside the car, keeping the windows clean and clear.

Try the Demister

This function is commonly overlooked but works well for keeping the fog away. Clicking the demister switch (the button with three squiggly lines) starts the air conditioner fan, forcing dry air onto the windscreen.

The climate control systems in modern vehicles will also open vents, allowing fresh air into the cabin and utilizing intermittent heat to warm the glass.

When in Doubt, Defrost

Along with the demister, cars have a defrosting element on the rear window. Using electricity to warm the glass, this component eliminates moisture that has accumulated on windows. Some cars have both front and rear defrosters, making it a doubly handy feature.

Let Fresh Air In

Although it seems counterintuitive to invite cold air inside the car, allowing stale air to continually recirculate keeps moisture from escaping (remember, humid air is the primary cause of foggy windows). By cracking a window or opening a vent, fresh outside air replaces the flat, humid air and keeps windows fog free.

Clean the Windows

Contaminates like oil and dust can accumulate on windows, giving moisture something to hold on to. By keeping the windows clean, the glass will take longer to become foggy and clear up more quickly with the methods mentioned above.

Also, you can apply anti-fog treatments to clean windows to prevent fogging; however, use caution with these, as they can negatively affect certain tinted coatings. Always check with a professional before testing these products on your car.

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