I Need To Replace A Burned-Out Fuse, What Should I Do?

Don’t fret if you need to change a fuse in your automobile. It isn’t hard. In fact, it’s just about as easy as heading to your home’s breaker box and flipping a blown fuse back on. Signs you need to change a fuse include light flickering or failure, including interior and signal lights; climate control failure; loss of power to your radio; your car won’t start. What should you do if you suspect you have a blown fuse? We here at Doc Motor Works suggest the following.

Grab Your Owner’s Manual

First, grab your owner’s manual out of the glove compartment and head to the index page. Look up fuses to find the page that will tell you where, exactly, the fuse box is and the fuse types you need. The page will have a diagram of your vehicle’s fuse box that shows all the fuses. The information will include what each one is for and the voltage each fuse contains.

Remove the Fuse Panel Cover

Once you know where your fuse panel is, remove the cover. If your owner’s manual didn’t have the aforementioned diagram, don’t worry. The inside of the panel cover will. Use the diagram to locate your suspected fuse, e.g. your radio fuse because your radio stopped working. Inspect the fuse to see if it looks blown, such as a broken or black metal filament. Use a flashlight to help.

Remove and Replace the Fuse

Carefully remove the broken or blown fuse from its slot. You can use your fingers to do this but don’t apply too much pressure. You don’t want to break the fuse and cut yourself. Head to your local auto parts store to purchase the replacement fuse (if you haven’t already). Make certain the replacement fuse has the same amperage and replace it in the slot. Don’t use different amperage.

Test the Fuse

Close the fuse box cover and start your vehicle. Using the example above, turn on the radio to see if it works. If it does, congratulations! Problem solved. If it doesn’t, there may be something else going on, such as an electrical problem within your fuse box or elsewhere in the car. In this case, it’s time to enlist professional help rather than attempt to fix the issue on your own.

Additional Considerations

No matter what, during your visit to the auto parts store, stock up on fuses. Keep them in your glove compartment to ensure you always have a fuse on hand should you need it. This helps prevent things like faulty horns or no lights at night. Using our example one more time, if your radio fails to work again shortly after replacing the fuse, you have a bigger problem.

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