Most Common Car Problems

Do you wonder if other drivers have the same trouble with their car that you have with yours? There are a handful of car issues that aren’t specific to make, model, year, car, truck, or SUV. At Doc Motor Works, we find our customers bring their vehicles regularly for the following five reasons and we believe our colleagues in the industry will agree these are top car problems.

1. Dashboard Lights

Most people call them “idiot lights,” but we don’t believe that dashboard warning lights mean drivers are idiots. Rather, dashboard warning lights are operated by your car’s onboard computer and if one shines while you’re driving, the computer is telling you a system is not operating as it should be. Possible issues include your brakes, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, or radiator.

2. Engine Sputters

Shakes, sputters, and stalls are generally caused by a misfiring engine. The engine relies on the fuel intake system to deliver gasoline to the fuel injectors, which, in turn, ignite the spark plugs. If your fuel intake system is clogged with carbon deposits, a common issue, or if your fuel injectors or plugs are dirty or worn, your engine might sputter when in motion or when idle.

3. Fuel Economy

Many components in your vehicle’s engine affect your fuel economy. If everything is working as it should, you should get the estimated MPH for each driving condition listed in your owner’s manual – or at least close to it. If your air or fuel filter, mass air flow sensor, or oxygen sensor are dirty or worn, however, you won’t get the fuel economy out of your car that you should.

4. Battery

A dead battery comes in fourth on our list and you shouldn’t count on your battery to give you more than three years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Yes, it might last longer than that, but once you’ve hit either milestone, set aside a little extra cash for a new battery once your current one dies. Signs its about to die include slow starts and dimmer vehicle lights.

5. Flat Tires

Tires are the unsung hero of your car. They take abuse from the road and from you most likely. They run over sharp objects, are slammed into curbs, and even tackle rough terrain when you decide that dirt road looks fun to drive. Any of the above and age can cause your tire to lose air, flatten slowly, or blow out suddenly. Take care of your tires to avoid these dangers.

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