Pros And Cons of Buying Domestic vs. Foreign

Years ago, most consumers believed that foreign cars were more refined and reliable than American-made vehicles. Thanks to improved technology and standards, however, the dividing line between foreign and domestic automobiles has thinned considerably. These days, the choice largely depends on lifestyle and preferences.


Americans love wide open spaces, and domestic cars reflect this value. Still known for greater legroom and headroom, home-grown brands offer wider seats and more cabin space. With a focus on efficiency over legroom, foreign brands make smaller cars. They have started to give passengers more room to stretch out, though. Engines follow a similar pattern, with American carmakers offering larger engines with fewer transmission gears and domestic ones generating smaller engines with more gears.


Drivers who want status and style still prefer imports. With a reputation for sparing no expense on technology and refinement, foreign brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi continue to outrank domestic competitors.


Since most domestic companies have parts manufactured overseas, these parts cost less than foreign ones. Depending on the make and model, the sticker price of foreign and domestic vehicles is comparable. When it comes to repairs, on the other hand, American vehicles cost much less to fix. Another aspect to consider is resale value. While some imports demand a greater financial commitment, they also deliver stronger resale value.


This one runs about even. Though some buyers continue to assume imports will outlast domestics, experts agree that American carmakers have made great strides over the last couple of decades and caught up with their foreign competitors in terms of dependability.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right vehicle is a complicated process that should be thoroughly researched and considered. Cost, safety ratings, size and dependability all come into play. On the up side, modern carmakers keep raising and meeting the bar, creating high-quality vehicles that can last hundreds of thousands of miles.

Also, the way a car treats you has much to do with how you treat it. Choose a mediocre automobile and maintain it perfectly, and you could drive it for years beyond a top-tier brand serviced infrequently and driven aggressively. In short, the brand you drive off the lot isn’t the only variable that makes it great. Choose an experienced technician and follow the guidelines in your owner’s manual, and you’ll be on your way to a long-lasting relationship.

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