Three Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

From the daily commute to those weekend errands, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. You drive to work each day. You take the kids to soccer practice. You bring home the groceries and even embark on the occasional road trip with the family.

Through all that driving, you need to keep yourself and your passengers safe, and that starts with what is in your car. There are three things you should always keep in your car, and these critical items can protect you in an emergency and help you get back on the road.

A Properly Inflated Spare Tire

You never know when a spare tire will ruin your day and threaten to interrupt your trip. That spare tire could happen when you are on your way to work, or when you are headed out for a long-awaited family vacation.

That is why you should always have a properly inflated spare tire in the trunk, along with a lug wrench to make changing the tire easier. If you have not checked the air in your spare tire recently, it is time to empty the trunk and take a look.

An Automotive Emergency Kit

Having a fully-stocked emergency kit in your car could save your life someday, and this is one thing you should never leave home without. The contents of that emergency kit may vary depending on what you need, but every driver should have a quality emergency kit in their vehicle.

Some of the essentials for your automotive emergency kit include a set of flares or road triangles, a reflective blanket for added warmth and a spare charger for your cell phone. Your emergency kit should also include a basic first aid kit, so you can address minor health issues while you wait for help to arrive.

A Set of Jumper Cables

When your battery is dead, you are not going anywhere. That is why every driver should have a set of jumper cables in the trunk or glove box. When you have a set of jumper cables, you can simply seek out a helpful driver and be on your way in no time.

There are also starting systems that do not require another car or driver, and these are good things to have on hand as well. Whether you add those alternative starting systems to your existing jumper cables or use them as a substitute, having a way to start your vehicle in a pinch is an essential part of safe driving.

You probably keep lots of stuff in your car, but do you have the essentials covered? If you do not have the three items listed above, it is time to go shopping.

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