Top Tips to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

Few things make you feel as powerless as watching your car disappear with a thief behind the wheel. You work hard for your car, and you make the payments on time. The last thing you want is for your car to be stolen, yet car theft happens every single day.

If you want to protect your wheels, you need to be proactive. Here are some top tips for preventing car theft and keeping your vehicle safe.

Park Smart

When it comes to preventing car theft, where you park matters more than you think, so think twice before you pull the keys and walk away. Ask yourself ifthe parking spot you have chosen is public and easily visible from all sides, or if there are places where a potential thief could hide out undetected.

If you are parking your car at night, choose a well lighted spot – avoid dark alleys and other spots that would make car theft easier. Parking smart will not guarantee that your car will not be stolen, but it will certainly help.

Never Leave Your Car Running

Even if you are just running into the convenience store for a quick snack, always pull the keys and never leave your car running. It may seem obvious, but a surprising number of stolen cars were running at the time and had the keys still in the ignition.

Car thieves and other criminals are basically lazy, and they look for the easiest possible score. If you do not make their life easier, chances are they will pass your car buy and look for a more tempting target.

Clear Out Your Garage

If you have a garage at home but your car is never in it, it is time to change your ways. Parking in the garage will greatly reduce your chances of getting your car stolen, so do some spring cleaning and make space for your vehicle.

Parking your car in the garage can also lower your insurance costs, since carriers know that garaged vehicles are safer from all kinds of threats. So you could get a double bonus from this simple change.

There is nothing worse than knowing your car has just been stolen. Whether you are there to watch your car driving off without you or just find it missing, you will face enormous challenges trying to clean up the mess. It is better to prevent the problem in the first place, and the car theft prevention tips listed above can help you keep your vehicle safe, both at home and on the road.

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