When To Get My Battery Serviced

The battery in your car is what gets you going, and if it’s weak or in bad condition, it might be time for a replacement. Most car batteries are fairly affordable, and you can’t drive without one. If you’re wondering when you should have your battery serviced or replaced, there’s really no set answer. A lot of it depends on a variety of factors that can cause the battery to drain much quicker than others. Read on for more about the three main factors that could indicate your battery needs to be serviced.

Time and Age

Just like other parts in your vehicle, the battery has a lifespan that can shorten over time. Batteries can easily deteriorate and then no longer have the power to start your engine after a certain amount of time has passed. While age and time play a factor, the way you drive can also contribute to your battery aging at a faster rate. People who drive short distances may experience battery issues more frequently. This is because they don’t drive long enough to allow the battery to fully recharge. The same is true for vehicles that sit or are parked for extended periods of time. Get your battery tested so you can find out how much power it currently still holds.

Excess Heat

If you live in a hot climate, your battery may degrade much faster. The battery sits in extremely hot areas of your engine where the temperature can easily reach 200 degrees or more. This exposure to heat will cause the battery to wear out over time. Add to that a hot exterior temperature, and the battery will run down even more quickly. For people who live in cooler Northern climates, their battery may last up to five years longer due to the outside temperature difference alone. You can add a heat shield to your battery to help extend its life.

Shaking and Vibrationv

When you drive, your car vibrates and this can cause a lot of wear and tear on the internal parts of the battery. You can ask your mechanic to add special hardware that keeps the battery more securely in place. This hardware will reduce the amount of vibration the battery experiences by keeping it still. From potholes to rocky roads, any amount of vibration will reduce battery life over time. This also applies to a wide range of other parts in your vehicle, too.

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