Who are the Top 8 Auto Manufacturers?

This country’s love affair with automobiles–starting with Ford in 1908–has continued to progress over the last century. Making impressive strides in safety, technology and emissions, car manufacturers continue to perfect the recipe. Each year, certain models lead the way while others fall into the same old traps (predictable body styles, inefficient engines and unproven technology, to name a few). Here’s a look at the standouts in 2019:


No one should be surprised to see this top-rated Japanese carmaker on the list. For almost a decade, Toyota models–including its luxury brand, Lexus–have been atop several “Best Of” lists. With dependability ratings through the roof, this brand not only makes vehicles that can easily last 200,000 miles, but most models in their lineup can be purchased for less than $35,000.


Another import on this list, Kia, formerly owned by Hyundai, has been gaining popularity with American and European consumers over the last several years. Finding a niche in inexpensive, compact vehicles, Kia models rank surprisingly high in performance for a low-budget brand.


With its luxury Infinity model and launch of several compact/hatchback styles, Japanese manufacturer Nissan is on track to become more popular than ever. Industry experts highlight the brand’s impeccable balance of performance and style, appreciating the improvements made each year.


Although this maker has fewer models on its lineup, the ones offered score high in almost every category. You can drive a midsize or compact sedan (Mazda6 and Mazda3) off the lot for less than $25,000, and the turbocharged engine will never give away its incredible value.


With enough top-selling models (Civic, Accord, Fit, for example) to stay at the top of every industry ranking, Honda makes cars unmatched in quality, design and dependability. Buyers are attracted to the simple but sleek body styles and come back for the roomy interiors, easy handling and long-lasting engines.


German engineering is some of the best in the world, making fun-to-drive vehicles that never go out of style. Along with the iconic Beetle, you’ll find a generous mix of practicality and style in the Jetta, Passat, and Golf–the hatchback winning praises with consumers countrywide.


The only domestic brand on this list, Ford has a reputation for making vehicles that outperform the competition. The Ford Mustang has remained a top seller for decades, with an unmistakable body style and classic appeal, and compact models like Fusion and Focus get high marks for both fuel efficiency and easy handling.


Standing on a platform of affordability, Hyundai uses high-quality materials and backs its models with excellent warranties (10- year/100,000-mile powertrain). If you want a reliable automobile that demands little and offers everything, give Hyundai a try. 

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