Why Do I Need to Change My Oil Every 3,000 Miles?

We are asked the titled question a lot here at Doc Motor Works Auto Repair. We get it. It’s a pain to bring your vehicle in every 3,000 miles for an oil change, but it’ll be an even bigger pain if you have to bring your vehicle in for engine repair. It’s one thing to be without your car or truck for about 30 minutes; it’s another thing to be without it for a couple of days or longer. This is why you have to have the oil changed regularly. This is preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

As the name suggests, preventative maintenance prevents a need for additional automobile repair. When you stick to your vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended service schedule, including oil changes, you prevent engine damage and costly repair bills. Oil changes are one of the easiest preventative maintenance services your vehicle needs, so don’t put it off. We have a saying we like to use here: “It’s cheaper to change your oil than to change your engine!”

Why Every 3,000 Miles Though?

Throughout the years, auto experts have found that every 3,000 miles ensures the oil in your vehicle’s engine stays clean and fresh. Sure, newer vehicles tout extended oil changes, but that isn’t always a good idea. If you drive a newer vehicle and use synthetic oil, you might not need to change your oil every 3,000 miles, but keep an eye on the oil and its level regularly to make certain it doesn’t get low or dirty.

The motor oil in your engine prevents friction by lubricating crucial parts. Should it run low or get dirty, which it does after a while, you could damage your engine. Oil viscosity breaks down over time, which reduces the lubrication and causes friction. That friction overheats parts. You know what happens next. This is why we stick to an every 3,000-mile schedule here. It’s just best to change the oil so its viscosity is always at its maximum.

More Life Out of Your Automobile

It’s said all the time but it bears repeating: If you change your motor oil every 3,000 miles you extend the life of our vehicle’s engine. It’s just a simple fact. Depending on the vehicle you drive, you could easily get over 300,000 miles out your engine if you maintain it properly, so why reduce its lifespan by failing to service it? Change your oil every 3,000 miles.

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