Why Does My Car Pull Right?

Whether you are driving to work, running errands or taking the kids to soccer practice, you have a lot riding on your tires. The safety of yourself and your family depends not only on your driving ability but the integrity of your vehicle as well.

That is why it is so important to make sure the vehicle you drive is tracking straight, with no errant movements to the left or right. When you let go of the steering wheel, the vehicle should follow the contours of the road. If the road is perfectly straight, the vehicle should track perfectly. If you notice that your vehicle veers to the right on its own, it is important to diagnose the problem quickly, before it turns into a safety issue.

Check Your Tires

The first thing to do if you notice your vehicle pulling to the right is check the tires. If the tread is worn unevenly, that uneven wear could cause the vehicle to pull to one side. If the tires are wearing unevenly or the tread is nearly worn out, it may be time for new tires.

You may also notice pulling to the right if one or more tires is improperly inflated. Driving on over or underinflated tires can be dangerous, so you should check your tire pressure every time you buy fuel. Even between fill-ups, you can check your tire pressure and adjust it if needed. If you suspect your tires are losing air, you should have them checked right away, since a leak or problem with the valve stem or rim could be quite dangerous.

Schedule a Front-End Alignment

If your tires seem fine but your vehicle is still pulling to the right, you may need a front-end alignment. You should have your front end checked and adjusted whenever you get new tires, but checking the alignment at other times is also important.

Your front end can be knocked out of alignment through daily driving, especially if there are a lot of potholes in your area. Every time you drive through a pothole or over an uneven road surface, the alignment can be impacted a little bit. Over time, those small impacts can add up, until your vehicle is pulling steadily to the right.

Whatever the cause, it is important to have your vehicle checked as soon as possible. Driving a car that pulls to the right can be very dangerous, and the sooner you address the problem the better off you will be.

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