Why Your Car Stalls While Driving

If you’ve ever had your car stop running in the middle of a commute, you know the scary, panicked feeling. Engine stalls are dangerous, to say the least. Although several factors can contribute to engine failure, these are the most likely culprits.

A Defective Battery

A failing battery is the number one cause of engine malfunction. You may think of the battery if the vehicle won’t start, but few realize that when it loses power, the alternator has to pick up the slack, which stresses the engine even more. When this happens, a car can stall in a matter of minutes.

Most batteries last between one and a half to two years, but high-quality ones can go longer. Having the battery tested is a simple task that most mechanics can perform at little or no cost, so it helps to check it before problems arise.

A Failing Alternator

While the car runs, the alternator charges the battery and supplies electricity to other components. Most people assume a new battery will solve the problem, but without a proper charge from the alternator, even new batteries will fail. These two parts need each other for an engine to run.

When the alternator needs attention, a red battery light will usually flicker. At this sign, find a place to safely pull over and have it towed to a professional shop.

A Faulty Fuel Pump

When the fuel pump fails, the engine will not restart. Sometimes the issue arises when the wrong fuel is accidentally used. For example, using regular gas in a diesel engine or vice versa can cause a big mess.

If the telltale buzzing sound that comes from a running engine doesn’t come through, it’s probably the fuel pump. If you think this might be the issue, have the vehicle serviced immediately.

Bad Sensors

Modern cars rely on many sensors to maintain power. The throttle-position, crankshaft-position, and camshaft-position sensors are three of the most important, and a car’s computer can’t function without them. Mass airflow sensors are also crucial because when they malfunction, the car thinks there’s less air circulating through the engine, and faulty manifold air pressure sensors can lead to stalling, as well.

Other Possibilities

Engines can stall for a number of reasons. Sometimes a problem with the ignition system, an overheated engine, or a failing speed system can wreak havoc. However, the issues listed above should be the first places you look. And as always, Doc Motor Works provides 24-hour towing service when you call 815-577-3893.

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